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The Centre for Health, Population and Development (CHPD) at Independent University, Bangladesh, is a University wide centre which will co-ordinate and facilitate Research, Internships, Scholarly activities, Seminars, Workshops and Policy dialogue in the multi-faceted relationships between Development, Health and Population. It will draw its membership from scholars and policymakers both within Bangladesh and internationally.


The activities of this centre will consist of:

  • Sponsoring and Organizing both local and international Seminars and Roundtables on relevant topics associated with Health, Development and other issues;

  • Organizing a Journal club for professional development of students and faculty members;

  • Conducting research and policy related Workshops;

  • Sponsoring short instructional courses on Research Methodology, SPSS, Biostatistics etc;

  •  Producing a regular Working Paper series;

  • Producing an edited volume on selected issues in health population and development on a regular basis;

  •  Producing peer-reviewed journal articles by centre associates/fellows;

  • Coordinating inter-institutional Research collaboration both nationally and internationally; and

  • Facilitating faculty and student exchanges for research purposes.

Currently CHPD is engaged in research collaborations with Harvard University, Brown University, the University of Colorado, McMaster University, University of Vermont, UNAIDS, and ICDDRB-the Centre for Health and Population.